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We want to facilitate the cookers and help this way the people to use in a easier way this kind of product. We want to bring multiple functionalities to a cooker in order to give the users the opportunity to save more time. In these days, because the time is limited and everyone feels the need to...


The problem we want to solve is about kids using kitchen appliances without the permission of parents, sometimes resulting in injuries or serious damage in the kitchen/appartament.


The purpose of this idea is to save energy by detecting the vehicle movement on highways and switching on the block of street light ahead of it and simultaneously switching off the trailing lights.


The idea is to implement a sistem that can at anytime check the water level in the Bucharest sewerage sistem. We can implement at every pipe station, let's say a senzor that could measure the water level.Because when heavy rain falls a lot streets get flooded and this project should be aiming...


Using a force sensor, realize a device that returns on a 7-segment display a value proportional to the value read by the sensor. Moreover, on a LED bar graph, LEDs will light up depending on what was measured.


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