We want to facilitate the cookers and help this way the people to use in a easier way this kind of product. We want to bring multiple functionalities to a cooker in order to give the users the opportunity to save more time. In these days, because the time is limited and everyone feels the need to do a lot of things in the same time, our product offers users the possibility to concentrate on other things while they are cooking, because there is no need for them to pay attention to when they need to add an ingredient or turn off the cooker in time. Also, if they leave in a hurry there’s nothing they need to worry about because the cooker will turn off automatically after the selected time elapses."
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- The user can program the cooker to turn off automatically after a given time (for example when the user puts eggs to boil, the cooker can automatically turn off after 7/10 minutes ). - The cooker can have a display with touch screen from where you can select what you want to cook and it can give you advice how much you need to cook (for example if you want to make “sarmale” it will tell you to keep them for 2 hours at low heat. After 2 hours, it will announce that the food is ready (display show and similar like the sound from washing machine when is done). If after 10 minutes from the announcement/message the cooker isn't turned off, it will turn off automatically). - Also, the cooker can give the user the opportunity to choose what ingredients to use for some kinds of foods. For example, for a soup one can choose what vegetables and meat to put and the cooker will show the time when to add each ingredient (for example for a Chicken soup: it tells you to put the chicken to boil first, after 30 minutes to add onion and celery, after 15 min to add the pepper etc). - It will have an app for smart phones that the user can install. Through this app, the user will receive a notification on the phone when the food is ready or when it is time to add another ingredient. Also, in the app, the user can choose what kind of food he/she wants to cook and send the time and level of heat to the cooker automatically - Even if the automatic turn off after a given time already exists, as well as the sound notification when the time ends, the idea of the display where you can choose what to cook and set automatically the time is new, as well as choosing the ingredients in some of the foods. - Also, even if similar apps for smart phones already exists, it has not yet been created for the stove as far as we know.


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