Kitchen AUTH Security

Kitchen AUTH Security

Kitchen AUTH Security
The problem we want to solve is about kids using kitchen appliances without the permission of parents, sometimes resulting in injuries or serious damage in the kitchen/appartament.


Catalin Stoica


The stove, the oven and other kitchen appliances that can present potential harm when used in an inadvisable way should have a “Locking System” installed on them to only function only when a certain condition is met. On these kind of appliances could be installed, for example a fingerprint sensor that can function as an “unlocking” safety measurement, only when the correct fingerprint is placed you can start cooking. The parents should be the only ones to have their fingers registered, so the kids, when they are alone at home will not be able to turn on any kind of potentially dangerous appliance. An "auto turn off" can be also implemented in case the user forgets to do it(approx e.g. 1 min after cooking). Also an app for smartphones can be developed to unlock the appliances in the kitchen for a certain period of time set up by the user in real time (e.g .5mins) remotely, in case his kid needs to prepare something fast on the stove, for example to boil milk, make a tea and so on (if the parent is sure that the child will not do something harmful). And when it’s finished, again from the smartphone the user can lock the appliances again so they can’t be turned back on.


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