Force Measuring Device

Force Measuring Device

Force Measuring Device
Using a force sensor, realize a device that returns on a 7-segment display a value proportional to the value read by the sensor. Moreover, on a LED bar graph, LEDs will light up depending on what was measured.
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Cristiana Istrate


Hardware resources: - Intel Galileo Board v1: Intel Galileo is the first board developed by Intel architecture designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino shields designed for the Uno R3 and software compatible with the Arduino Software Development Environment (IDE) - Force Sensitive Resistor: A force sensor resistors (FSR) is a polymer thick film (PTF) device that allows the detection of physical pressure, squeezing and weight. The FSR's resistance changes as more pressure is applied. When there is no pressure, the sensor looks like an infinite resistor (open circuit). As the pressure increases, the resistance will drop to 250Ω when we apply the maximum force that the sensor can detect - LED Bar Graph: it has 10 individual LEDs housed together, each with an individual anode and cathode connection. To light up the 10 LED, we connected the cathodes to ground and the anodes to Galileo board pins through 10 resistances that limit the current - 7-Segment Display: We chose this display of 20mm because it is large enough to see clearly from a distance what it displays. The screen with common cathode has 4 digits, 7-segments and a decimal point. LEDs require a voltage of 1.9 VDC and a maximum current of 20mA Software Resources: - Arduino Software Development Environment: This IDE contains a text editor for writing code, a message area, a text console, a toolbar with buttons for common functions and a series of menus. - Arduino IDE can be used with any programming language (C/C ++/Java etc.) to write programs. The compiler included in the application can understand all these languages, which translate into machine language and send them to the development board. An advantage of the Arduino IDE is that, unlike other programs used to verify and compile code, it runs without any problems on any operating system that runs on computers: Windows, Mac OS X and various Linux versions.
- not enough digital pins to connect all my components (solved using also converted analog pins; also could have used a shift register to extend the pins) - the way to display “the proportional value” on the 7-segment display (solution: could have displayed differently the digits, even two digits),,,,,


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