Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing

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With emerging social media trend and decreasing effectiveness of traditional marketing companies tend to adopt digital content marketing as part of their marketing strategies. Companies are seeing themselves not just as advertisers, but as publishers, so they launch digital newsrooms and other forms of branded content in order keep their customers aware of their brands, perspectives, and value propositions.

Today, marketers need to build an ongoing relationship with consumers and that means holding attention, not just grabbing it.  To get people to subscribe to a blog, YouTube channel, or social media feed, catchy slogan is not enough. Companies need to offer real value to their customers, and offer it consistently.

Examples: Red Bull’s longstanding association with extreme sports is enhanced by Red Bull TV.  L’Oreal Paris’ Destination Beauty has become a wildly successful channel on YouTube by dispensing helpful beauty tips.  

Content only provide engagement if it confers value over and above simply promoting the brand that generates it.  If it can’t do that, it’s simply an ad.  



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