BEIA - Increase telemetry systems awareness among potential buyers

BEIA - Increase telemetry systems awareness among potential buyers

Beia Consult is a leading provider of telecommunications and telemetry equipment in Romania, having more than 25 years of experience and more than 10,000 successful projects. PABXs, telephone networks, voice and data communications networks, advanced communications solutions and telemetry systems are a few of the business domains in which BEIA does have lots of satisfied customers.

Objectives: Increase telemetry systems awareness among potential buyers by

  1. Building, updating and promoting a telemetry website
  2. Growing online and offline presence of the telemetry brand
  3. Reducing resistance to change of clients about telemetry solutions

Company background

Beia Consult offers the entire range of telemetry and telemonitoring equipment manufactured under the Adcon Telemetry brand name. Beia also offers the best system solutions and construction practices, allowing sustainable and accurate utilisation of Adcon products in very diverse application domains. The company has over 20 telemetry stations installed along the Danube river and its tributaries, different stations monitoring fields of vines and a weather station at a heliport in Bucharest.

Methodologies and Tools

Lessons learnt

To build, update and promote a telemetry online platform:

  • Use a CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress for accelerating the building of the site and its future updates;
  • Collect traffic data trough analysis services to better understand users’ behavior flow;
  • Keep updating the online platform with new information and keep users up to date;
  • Integrate an e-mail address collector in site for future e-mail marketing campaigns.

To grow online and offline presence of the brand:

  • Understand the customers, when they are more inclined to buy and why;
  • Use analyzed data to optimize the online platform accordingly (for users and search engines);
  • Build a strong customer value proposition to show to potential clients;
  • Invest in paid advertising on search engines to boost site discoverability;
  • Participate at dedicated industry events to meet new potential partners and customers.

To reduce the resistance of change of clients:

  • Grow the brand presence online and offline (the more users come across a band, the more they are inclined to buy from that brand);
  • Continuously update the site with new information about specific products or solutions to keep users informed;
  • Make easier for clients to buy by explaining the benefits of the products or solutions.


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