“With the Global Acceleration Platform, we aim to create a network of passionate entrepreneurs, helping each other to bring ideas to life.“

If you are interested in finding investement opportunities, or You’re coming up with great ideas but you cannot implement them due to lack of founds, or You simply want to share your expertize in entrepreneurship with those who need advice, You have just landed on the right web site. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep track of our network of start-ups, investors, advisors and experts.

Why would you become a registered user?

That’s simple: you have unrestricted access to a complete digital library of ideas and other resources, to start-ups and investors networks, you can exchange messages directly with the targeted users in a safe and straightforward manner, you can accept or decline a request to access your ideas from an user. Come join us today and become a member.”

Who should join our network?

  • Startups – any person prepared to launch a project idea; any person who already has a company, a project idea or a product, but does not have a partner; any person who doesn’t have a project idea, but wants to start a business.
  • Investors – any person who wants to help passionate people with knowledge and experience and/or financial support to launch a project idea.
  • Entrepreneurs – any person who simply wishes to work on something.

What we aim to provide through the Global Acceleration Platform:

  • A network of compatible excellent entrepreneurs
  • Advice on the most common entrepreneurial problems
  • Online access to entrepreneurs all over the world
  • Collaboration opportunities

In addition, the Global Acceleration platform provides useful materials about success stories, methodologies and tools that help users to find opportunities to futher develop projects.


More about Accelerate project

Innovation in industry requires more than just creation of technology. It requires accelerated commercialization or aptly called “go to market” processes. Many companies are searching new ways to rapidly validate the match between the market and their innovative ICT-intensive technology. The aim of the Accelerate project (www.accelerateproject.eu; https://itea3.org/project/accelerate.html) is to create and accelerate services based on technological innovation, advanced processes and new software technologies that will enable massive adoption of acceleration know-how in the European technological industry. The project will address head on the “European Paradox” – great science, poor marketable innovations. The current acceleration market consists primarily of knowledge providers and large sections of acceleration are not taken into account because they require specific technological innovations.

The objectives of Accelerate are:

  1. To enable the knowledge transfer on a massive scale. This can only be done by using innovative software technologies and supporting ICT players in their acceleration and go to market process.
  2. To develop software technologies that will enable aforementioned acceleration.

To increase competitiveness of the European industry, drastically accelerating the process of validated learning is inescapable and the Accelerate consortium sees a unique opportunity for ICT technology to play a pivotal role in this acceleration.The project’s aim is to develop and validate the project results in several European industry domains and to support companies in their innovation acceleration in different domains, e.g. business process integration, media, supply chain management and telecom.



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